Thanks Giving: Quick Goals & Free Coaching (nothing to buy)

So this’ll take 5 minutes … OK so maybe 10 … It’s almost 2020 and the two things that work so well in coaching, and life, are accountability and goals. I make my clients set them yearly and quarterly. I never believed in goals. Then a set a few. Then I watched my clients FLY […]

Mortality and Incontinence.

Mortality is up there, in terms of conversation stoppers, with incontinence. I suspect that the intricacies of a spastic colon would be more readily welcomed during Water Cooler Chat over Death. I’m certainly reluctant to talk about mortality because it’s the Big Bad Wolf in popular culture. Avoiding it is strange, don’t you think? Since […]

The Jackpot of Now.

In the Morning Mad Dash of life, as I stand waiting to cross the street to stretch and meditate in my neighborhood park, the traffic of one car commuters flies by, caught up in the Emergency Rush Hour. At the corner store I witness someone losing it and screaming at the cashier over a seemingly […]

I’m Seriously Unimportant.

The odd thing about writing this blog is it seemed be about “doing my job” as a spiritual person, in spreading the word, about gratitude and thankfulness. But a funny thing has happened on the way to the forum, so to speak, I’m discovering that on a daily basis I practice, or rather I kind […]

A Complete Sense of Self?

Holding a complete sense of self is something like a trip to the grocery store, where I think, “I’ll just get few things, I don’t need a basket.” Then I end up in the 15-items-or-less check out lane with an armful of groceries acting out the slapstick vaudeville show of “Oops. Sorry. Crash!” On those […]

Everything is precious.

My life is full of blessings: phone calls from my family, friendships based on love, food that I get to choose to eat, a big comfortable warm bed in a beautiful apartment, a chorus of brothers who sing beautifully and goof just as heartily, work that I love, the ability to sit in a cafe […]

Drunk Angels.

My friends and I decided to ‘walk’ into the crowd at Pride last year. Something akin to jumping into Niagara Falls and hoping to tread water. Good move. It was one of those ‘hell body crush’ crowds and I was on my disabled scooter unable to move – it was one of those ‘trampled to […]

Successful Woman Changing Careers?

Who knew, living in San Francisco, I’d be coaching women in their 50’s and 60’s living in Wisconsin and Georgia? And San Francisco? Our culture may define ‘success’ as money in the bank but for these four women it seems to be: partners, some with children, friendship, fun and addressing the stumbling bumps in their […]

What’s the hurry?

I was remembering the other night that my teacher said that my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is, “Trying to make you into the spiritual man you want to be.” That thought didn’t come in some profound peak moment on the top of Mt. Everest, but, alas, it came in the waning hours of the evening, when […]

To Get Something You Never Had … God? (YIKES!)

This particular writing evolved out of an email a friend sent to me … please take what you like and leave the rest. Or, in the words of Anne Lamott, since the word ‘god’ “can make many progressive people run screaming for their cute little lives” try replacing it with the word ‘love’). To get […]