Your Future: Deal Your Own Hand

“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.” – Noam Chomsky

We love to make New Years resolutions, but in coaching we prefer to look at what we accomplished (in a day, a month, or a year) and create a “road map” towards our next goals. What would it be like to consciously plan your life? I say dump the ‘resolutions’ and pick up a goals worksheet!

To quote an amazing client who’s honored me by allowing me to be their accountability partner: “Goal setting and planning is a journey roadmap which allows us to properly pack up and excitedly look ahead, drawing us towards our destination(s). This allows us to stop and enjoy, and see what we accomplish, without being lost and reactionary.”

If we don’t plan, we react. When we react we use the least amount of brain power, when we think it out we use the power of all that we know. Which would you rather choose?

Why is it we’ll plan a day-trip or do research for a vacation but not plan our week, our month, or our year? What’s the difference? None! If you plan your day/week/month/year you get to have the luxury of really seeing what’s possible, and stretching into what feels not possible; but without looking and planning we’re just driving blind?

Here’s homework for you that I give all my clients: look over 2012, and plan 2013. It’s a 2-page PDF that doesn’t bite (but I do!). So, who’ll take the challenge.

Click here for the form, fill it out, and me know what happens!

Blessings, Kenji.

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