Try the “Not To Do List”

This is my “Not To Do List.”

What a concept, eh?

In my city-life-coaching-world of productivity I like to joke that I’m and “underachiever.” Meaning that being someone who meditates, takes walks, and listens to audio books that are not about self-improvement I’ve come up with my “Not To Do List.”

The double meaning is that there are people, places, and things I just wont do (because I don’t have to) and there are things that are not about being productive (they’re about enjoying this “one precious life,” and creating the list of things I won’t regret having done when I reach the end of my life … aka Quality Life Stuff).

I’m going to take a break, I’m going to re-schedule, I’m going to say “fuck it!” and take off, or I’m going to find out what I need to do … and chill out.

Where is it in life you get overwhelmed?
What makes you crazy?
Who makes you crazy?

(besides yourself, that’s the obvious one).

Well, then, why are you still doing those things? Habit and belief’s. We believe we ‘must’ keep up with certain behaviors, choices, and promises.

Um, remember this one: “It’s not set in stone.” Even if it is, that can be changed (I’ve seen headstones with typo repairs in them!).

One of the things I do with my clients is assist them in “perspective shifts.”

Think about a modern art sculpture: as you walk around it the perspective of what it looks like changes. Think about the impressionist painting style: as you move closer and further away what you see shifts.

Well, try the same with your Must Do List.

What would it be like to do less?

Ready to be coached (right now)?

Here’s what I’ll leave you with. Three simple questions:

• Who is it you need to spend more time with?
• What’s one nice thing you’ll do for yourself this week?
• What’s one thing you won’t do this week?

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