The NYT’s Finally Get’s It Right: ADD isn’t a “disorder” it’s the world we live in!

Finally an article about ADHD that the NYT published that is worth reading: Gee it’s not a “deficit” or a “disorder” we’re living in an age where we expect everyone to fit into the same neat boxes … and guess what?! We don’t!

Those of us with Creative Entrepreneurial Brain’s are easily bored by daily activities (we have “less dopamine receptors” – whose to say what’s “less” or more? Hmmmm?). We need multiple stimulations and various interests to keep our brains Juiced (excited, happy, interested) so it’s not a surprise to us that we have multiple talents (going on at the same time).

The question isn’t what are we doing that’s good or bad, my question is (for everyone) are you being effective? Are the choices you’re making moving you towards an awesome life or doing the same old same old?

Vive la différence!

Here’s the article –>

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