The External Verbal Prosthetic

… Of Retaining Information (aka Record Shit Then Forgeting It)

We Entrepreneurial Brain Types** may have multiple talents, run our own businesses, or are professionally proficient, but remembering all the things that interest us, or come our way, is a seemingly impossible task. My memory is like a steel trap … rusted shut. The world wants us to use text and only text. If you’re reading this now I’m specifically keeping it short because many of us don’t have very long attention spans. What’s my point?

The point is that the world expects everyone, including us EBT’s (Entrepreneurial Brain Types)** to use the written word. OK so you use it, but do you have to jot everything down?

Yes, and no. Yes, because as Dr. Russell A. Barkley teaches us, having an “external prosthetic” to adjunct our memory just makes good sense.

And no, because there’s no one right way to adjunct our memory (I write things on my hand!). Are you being effective or ineffective? Stop fighting ineffectiveness by expecting your brain to retain everything. How about using anything and everything to keep you on track and remember what you need to remember?

First, remember that all brains aren’t alike. Some are visual (EBT’s!), some are auditory, some and some spatial. We all tend to learn/retain differently. Are you visual? Kinesthetic? Auditory?
Second, whichever you are (again) isn’t important, what’s important is finding the best ways to utilize external tools to adjunct your memory.

I’m fond of Evernote because it allows me to record things right from all of my devices in multiple formats (clippings from the web, clippings from your computer, written notes, audio notes, etc).

Try some of these and let me know. What works? What needs a different approach? Instead of going crazy trying to write down all those bits of information that come your way, try audio solutions:

• Call your voicemail and leave yourself messages.
• Convert verbal information into text, using an app like Dragon Dictation
• Store your text messages in one place online by using an app called Treasure My Text.
• Use a cloud application like Evernote that let’s you collect photos, audio memos, text, etc.

**Entrepreneurial Brain Types are those of us that think and work differently: we like having multiple projects going at once, we are usually multi-talented, often creative, sometimes love risk-taking, have had many professions, but may have limits in these six areas: Time, Tasks, Getting Started (procrastinate), Focus (on 10 things @ once), Multi-tasking Whirlwind, Emotions: managing frustration and modulating emotions (argh!), Remembering where things are (what?), Impulsivity, Impatient, Fast-Mover … for more information please ask!


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