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daily habits copyHey There!

… it’s me … Coach Kenji …

The worksheets I’m going to suggest to you are some of the simplest, most powerful tools that I use on a daily basis (truth, not b.s.) and are based on the awesome philosophy of the best selling book The Slight Edge.*

Here’s my own realness: if I don’t use these worksheets, I don’t stay on track, and my life get’s messy. I’ve worked on myself too long and too hard to slip back into the muck I had to personally undo. My goal is to teach you how to get out of the yuck and into yummy.

If there’s only one thing you ever learn from me: It’s the simple message that changes lives, which is what coaching is all about: make gradual changes towards your goals … and they will happen!

*(I receive absolutely nothing for recommending this book, except the hope that it will do for you what it did for me: help me make my life just slightly more awesome).

The First Worksheet

Here’s a link to is the first Self Coaching worksheet: It’s called The Daily Habits Worksheet, and it’s a powerful, easy, concrete tool (don’t be fooled by the simplicity!). You can get it here:

What To Do With The Worksheet – (NOT a lot please)

Print the form, use it, and see what happens.

Jump right in and self-coach: What’s a habit that you’re trying to build? One little habit? Meditate for 5 minutes a day? Go on a short walk? Make an incremental change in a work thing? (calling a client, checking in with a co-worker).

List one little habit you’re interested in adopting. Then post the worksheet in a conspicuous place so that you start checking off that you’ve done your habit for the day. Ideally enlist a friend, co-worker, or partner to do this with you (here’s the secret: 90% of getting stuff done is being accountable).

The trick to building a habit is based in the 555 formula: 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks. For myself this meant building a daily 30-45 minute meditation habit … I started with 5 minutes. Once you build in the habit, like brushing your teeth, it becomes part of your life.

The idea is “just a little bit” – meaning what small incremental habits can you adopt? What would it be like to “taste” these introductory worksheets and their intent? Not try to go on some massive “Change Your Life In 30-Days” coaching-diet-promise-infomercial-sales-thing.

As a coach I commonly make requests of my clients. I have two for you:

1. What one nice thing will you do for yourself today? (call a loved one, go for a short walk outside).

2. What’s one nice thing with you do for someone else? (tell someone what you appreciate about them).

Or tell me what neat thing you did for you or your world today! Please do … I love feedback and input!

How’s that?


~ Kenji


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