“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

4-4(quote by) … Alan Kay.

Coaching is fond of inventing your future. What we take action on, what we think, what we believe shapes our universe.

When was the last time you misunderstood someone? Maybe, like me, you’ve become foolishly impatient in traffic only to discover that the person stopped in front of you was waiting for a nice old lady in the cross walk …. or that friend who you thought said something which annoyed you … only to discover that you misunderstood them.

What’s my point?

You misunderstood: you’re idea of the Universe was This Specific Thing, only to realize you were wrong.

Or, were you? What you were was not very effective, in terms of understanding … and that’s what we seek to take great curiosity about in coaching: What do you believe? What will you do to look at it from another perspective?

There. That’s coaching.

What will you do to change your perspective today?

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