The 7 Minute Mental Exercise That’s Better Then Prozac – sharpen your brain (ADHD/ADD or not)


Change your behaviors, change your thoughts, change your life. While it’s important to work towards what we want in our lives accepting and appreciating what we have, along the way, is about ‘wanting what we have.’

This simple worksheet is about changing the way we look at the world. It’s easy and wont take more then 7 minutes a day. 7 minutes a day to make yourself feel better?

Gratitude – the feeling of being grateful, counting your blessings, and giving thanks – can be more effective than Prozac. Scientists have called it ‘The Magic Pill’ for happiness. 

In 2003, Bob Emmons and Mike McCullough published a series of studie in which they had groups of people writing in journals for just a few minutes every day or once a week, and studied their responses. One of the groups was instructed to write about their daily or weekly hassles, another group wrote neutral comments, and the last groups listed the items for which they were grateful.

They found that those who kept a daily gratitude journal had not only an increased state of well-being, but also got better sleep, had more willingness to accept change, and even had reduced feelings of physical pain.

Dr. Rick Hanson, PHD, says that, “At first glance, you may be tempted to underestimate the power of these seemingly simple practices (gratitude and daily affirmations). But they will gradually change your brain through what’s called experience-dependent neuroplasticity” (literally and physically).

So, give it a try! What have you got to lose?

Here’s the form: Daily 7 G’s – gratitude & gratefulness


~ Kenji

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