The 7 Factors Of Success vs. The Hamster-Wheel-of-Not-Enough

wg907-the-calmHave you ever felt like you were stuck on the Hamster-Wheel-of-Not-Enough?

At the end of the day are you ever uncertain if you’re “successful” … and might feel utterly shitty because you’re inbox literally and figurative  is still full?

One day this landed in my lap like a cinder block falling out of the sky and I didn’t  know where the finish line was (I can’t ‘punch out’ because I work for myself).

I was cranky and tired from trying to reach the unreachable undefined end of my day and I had to ask myself, “What’s enough?”

Success is not just financial, or the perfect body, or the perfect wardrobe, or the perfect resume.

We all know that money and earning are important, as they’re the exchange ‘currency’ for the things we need and want in life; you also know that your life has meaning when it includes all of the things (people, places, experiences) that make it worth living.

If “success” feels unattainable – something in the sky we can’t reach …. what if learning how to know that we’ve done enough might help us sit our asses down and define our own version of success?

You’re a Human Being, not a Human Doing.

My Personal 7 Factors


  • Did I do a good turn today?
  • Did I practice Gratitude?
  • Did I pay attention to the little things that make me happy?
  • Am I in the moment?
  • Am I pushing my own envelope (physically, financially, spiritually, & emotionally)?


  • Did I exercise or stretch, eat right, rest, and get enough sleep?
  • Have I napped today?
  • If you ‘are what you eat’ what are you made of?


  • Did I intentionally learn something new?
  • Am I conscious that my thoughts are only thoughts?
  • Have I considered meditation?


  • Did I make conscious contact with (the god of my understanding)?
  • Did I do a good turn?
  • Am I exposing my mind and body to calm and peaceful teachings?


  • Did I connect with someone I love?
  • Am I being kind to others?
  • Am I being kind to myself? (not hurrying)
  • Am I practicing ‘loving kindness’ when I find myself critical? (do I want to be happy or right?)


  • Did I do some work today, or work towards, my job/business goals?
  • Am I improving on my business/job by building on my competencies? (‘sharpening the saw’ 7-habits)


  •  Did I relax, play, or read (something indulgent)?
  • Was I silly or playful?
  • What happens when I’m ‘not doing’?

For me, to “be successful” means having these 7 aspects in my life in each week … and I do!

It’s akin to the ‘Do Be Have’ principle.*

A Footnote: Be Do Have

* “Have-Do-Be: “Most people believe if they “have” a thing (more time, money, love), then they can finally “do” a thing (write a book, take up a hobby, go on vacation, buy a home, undertake a relationship), which will allow them to “be” a thing (happy, peaceful, content, or in love) … “havingness” does not produce “beingness,” but it’s the other way around.”

Be-Do-Have: “First you “be” the thing called “happy” (or “knowing,” or “wise,” or “compassionate”), then you start “doing” things from this place of beingness — and soon you discover that what you are doing winds up bringing you the things you’ve always wanted to “have” … look at what it is you want to “have,” ask yourself what you think you would “be” if you “had” that, then go right straight to being.” — N. D. Walsh

‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.’ — Oscar Wilde

“Love, Labor, Leisure”: thanks to Richard N. Bolles in “What Color Is Your Parachute?”

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