“Don’t give up!  Call Kenji.

“I honestly don’t really understand how Kenji does what he does but he’s very, very good at it.  I have been so much more productive and happier at work and the rest of my life since working with him.  He has a lot of great suggestions for ways to be more organized, starting with what’s […]

“Kenji is a fantastic coach.”

“Kenji is a fantastic coach.  He has much skill and knowledge regarding ADHD, and the state-of-the-art perspectives on related issues.  Kenji has the highest regard for his clients, has a hugely positive and supportive approach.  Flexible, negotiable, compassionate, and passionate about his work.  He has helped me make lots of great positive changes in some […]

“Hire this man.  Now.  Really.

Hire this man.  Now.  Really. Here’s my take on why: I couldn’t have asked for a better catalyst for positive change in my life than Kenji, and my engaging him has reaped countless benefits: in my attitude, productivity, and day to day habits.  The entire process has led to a markedly improved way of being, […]

Stop screwing around.

“When I started with Kenji I was totally overwhelmed – now I’m feel more on top of everything and am much more productive in getting things done. What’s more my clients are happier and I have different tools and techniques to use when I hit a wall. Kenji’s coaching helped me find creative ways to […]

“I’ve been able to grow our company 60%.

You’re a kick ass coach. No, not a rah, rah, “get out there and get it done” type coach. I mean kick ass in the way that you have a gentle yet powerful way of helping me see the best in myself. Also, in the way that you have helped me design simple structures in […]

“Moved past my blockages.

What was it you got out of coaching? “I felt supported in helping me move past my blockages and celebrating successes. It was beneficial to have you there while I discovered powerful breakthroughs. I had a partner to celebrate with, and to work with. What were the tangible results? “I was able to try new […]

“Address feeling overwhelmed.

“Kenji’s coaching helped me address feeling overwhelmed, a big thing I had been dealing with. His strong sense of intuition was clearly underneath his navigating me through various questions and points to consider, as I looked at the different angles of why I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and what to do about it.” – Wendy, 38, […]

“A renewed sense of confidence.

What was it you got out of coaching? “A greater perspective. Learning that I have the ability to guide myself. Along with this came a renewed sense of confidence in myself, that I already know the answers to my own questions.” What were the tangible results? “I find that I’m now able to ask helpful “Kenji-type” questions […]

“Challenged me to look inward for answers.

“Kenji’s fully present and intensely authentic support challenged me to look inward for answers that I didn’t know we’re already there; his coaching and homework assignments (reading, observing) have brought more power and efficacy to the work I do with my clients because I’m finally able to be present with me and not have my […]