Tailgaters: late for your funeral?

I’ve had this East Coast sarcastic idea for a few years: create an store called Sarcastically Spiritual. We’d sell coffee mugs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.

Mostly my big ideas come from being in traffic.

Bumper Sticker #1 – “Tailgating: late for your funeral?”

Bumper Sticker #2 – “What’s your hurry? Life ends in a ditch.”

You’d think those might be morbid but they’re just the opposite.

Secret discovery: leaving enough time to get somewhere, taking the time to get there (as opposed to thinking that somehow you’ll speed up and get there faster, and enjoying the ride along the way is a lot less stressful and unpleasant then tailgating, being angry, being late, and hurrying.

What if this was a formula for living?

It is.

It’s mine.

So, what kind of hurrying are you doing today? What moment don’t you want to be in? If all we have are moments and this one isn’t that much fun, what would it be like to just sit there and do nothing?

We are, after all, human BEINGS not human doings.

Just sayin’



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