Speaking of firing … fire god.

Well not just any god. Fire the one from childhood.

You know the one: whose like Santa Claus, keeping a (vengeful) list of whose “naughty or nice.” Personally, I’ll take the naughty bus any day; guaranteed to be a lot more of an interesting bunch.

No, seriously.

What if you fired the vengeful, wrathful god that you may have been taught about as a child? What would your world be like if “god” (whatever you conceive them to be) loved you and everything you did? Who would you blame then?



So, in my world “god” is a collaborator (with the final say, like mother nature), but not a control freak.

What would change in your life if that was true?

Who would you ask out to the prom (so to speak)?

What silly thing might you invest in?

What friend would you invite over?

Answer those last 4 questions and then take action. Then you’ve been coached.

If you did something PLEASE TELL ME!


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