Remember how excited you used to be over a 3-ring binder?

10223I used to be so excited about the beginning of school: all of those cool office supplies (ok, so I’m a geek), with a zippered plastic pencil pouch, a schedule, and a section for each class. How one binder could hold my whole life … the rest of the school year? Different story.

Here’s my point: what would it be like to go back to the stone ages and actually use a 3-ring binder?

For what? Lists, daily habits, journaling, and gratitude lists. At least, that’s what I do (and the client I borrowed this idea from).

By my bedside is a binder. Nothing fancy (although I intend to make it prettier – life’s too short for boring office supplies – i.e. Pink tape dispenser). But this binder has all of my daily habits, lists, gratitude lists, affirmations and prayers.

This way each morning and evening my memory is jogged by the binder: a pen and 5 minutes later I’ve written a quick Gratitude list, said my affirmations, goals, and checked off what I got done that day (a ‘daily habits’ pre-made check off list).

So … they’re CURRENT. Kept current, kept up, and I’m reminding myself each day (twice) what it is I’m grateful for, reaching for, thankful for, and moving towards.

What makes you move forward?



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