Procrastination: It Get’s a Bad Rap

procrastination6Overcoming Procrastination

Coaching is perfect for learning about, and unlearning your procrastination habits (we all have them!). Coaching is about seeing what our patterns are (believing and behaving), being coached into looking at them differently (nonjudgmental observation and perspective shifts), learning about new ways to tackle those not so easy goals (self-directed ideas and suggestions), setting up accountability (someone else knows you have a goal), and following up with your coach (ME!) to make sure you’re staying on task.

So what are you waiting for? “I’m not sure working with a coach would be right.” Really? My first consultation is no-risk! Don’t think we’re a match? You wont pay. And, of course, I’m available for short calls to talk about how I work and what questions you have about me or coaching.

Procrastination … the guilt of not doing!

Willpower is like muscle, lift weights you build more muscle, the same is true with re-training your habits and brain. The other trick  is you can stop doing it alone!

Procrastination is learned … but for some of us (who are the more creative brain types) there can be, literally, a neurological aspect that needs to be addressed (as in we need a different users-guide for our brain), for all of us sheer willpower is something we can learn to build.

We think that procrastination is some sort of moral ‘lacking’ that can be solved with ‘if onlys’ – but what if procrastination is actually a self-care skill that’s intended is to make us feel better? Hate doing something? Making up a reason it’s going to stink when you’re done? Wow, who would want to start that task!?

Some of us actually do “perform better under pressure,” but it’s a relative measurement: If I leave it for the last minute, then it doesn’t have to be perfect, so I can cram it all in, and it just has to be done, and not perfect.

Go forth and  conquer!

Blessings and thanks for reading,

– Kenji

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