Who Am I ?

My name is Kenji Oshima and I assist successful professionals step up, re-focus, create more productivity, stability, accountability, and stop managing their lives and start rocking them.

This isn’t a “job” … it’s my passion.

Keeping my clients on track with remarkable intuition, a gentle bullshit meter, and accountability, I cheer them on, while developing a deep respect for their ability to transform life. Telephone, Skype, and email consultations make me accessible to my clients all  over the world.

How do I know I’ll like your coaching?

Want to receive 30 minutes of my best coaching for free?  Since my practice is 90% full this offer won’t last.  No pressure, no sales, just free help. Please contact me, by scheduling a no-fee no-pressure call and we’ll set up a time to chat.

I’m excited to speak with you and to serve you however I can!  If my calendar seems full (it is) please do email me with a time that works for you and I’ll fit you in.

Of course you’re going to say great things about yourself!

Again, don’t take my word on it! Read what my clients have said in their testimonials here on this site, or on Yelp. 

I’ve heard that anyone can just call themselves a ‘coach’… what makes you special?

In order to be a “certified” coach you have to have been trained by a school that’s recognized by the International Coach Federation.

I have been coaching, have been coached, or have been in coaching training since 2005, with professional coaches.  I completed The Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) intensive year long program in order to receive the International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through my school, and the Associate Accredited Coach (ACC) that’s awarded by ICF.

I trained with Kate Kelly, author of You Mean I’m not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid?, to coach others adults with ADHD.  What qualifies me for coaching successful professionals who feel like they have ADHD?  I have ADHD … it no longer has me!

What prepared you, besides certification, to be a coach?

My experience as a coach extends far beyond the journey I began in 2007 into being coached and learning to coach.  I’ve lived a life of multiple professions, experiences, self-development, challenges, and learning.

I bring over 5 decades of living, growing, and learning to my coaching practice, over 3 decades of working in multiple professions, and over 4 decades into my own self development.

I’ve been meditating for about half my life, have developed a spiritual path in both Western and Eastern philosophies, but most importantly, have lived in the ‘school of hard knocks.’

I’ve attended 4 Universities, learned to live with multiple invisible disabilities, and experienced what it means to be a bi-cultural and bi-racial man in a society struggling with race and oppression.

I give back by coaching and mentoring a few individuals who couldn’t otherwise afford coaching, sit on on a board of a non-profit, and do my best to bring kindness and patience to my whole life and those I encounter.

What else have you done professionally?

I worked in the restaurant industry for a decade as a teenager and a young adult, was the full-charge bookkeeper for 2 multi-million dollar organizations, including a real estate company (when I was 19).

I’ve traveled the US as a national community organizer providing weekend organizational development retreats for boards of directors, managed the customer service staff for a dot.com 17-million dollar 17-month rise and fall, managed the 9,000 square foot gut rehab for a non-profit with 40-staff, merged that same non-profit from 2 smaller organizations, and developed their HR processes, employee handbook, and HR department.

I’ve been an activist, public speaker, writer, spoken-word performer, singer, graphic designer, dishwasher, son, administrator, uncle, mentor, mentee, partner, friend, leader, facilitator, waiter, mechanic, and now coach.

I’ve owned my own small business as a Macintosh support consultant, for over a decade, studied graphic design, industrial design, metaphysics, psychology, Buddhism, and consulted with a MacArthur Genius grant awardee wheelchair designer, developed curriculum for the State of California, and when I was 16, scooped ice cream.

Where in the world are you?

In my life I divide my time here in the Bay Area between coaching, teaching the Dharma, meditation, practicing Qi Gong (like Tai Chi), living a normal daily life, and loving my wonderful friends and community who make up the awesome world I’m lucky to be part of.


PS! (that’s my dad with me, in case you can’t tell – he was 91 when he passed and I got to be with him!)