I’ve been able to grow our company 60%.

“You’re a kick ass coach. No, not a rah, rah, “get out there and get it done” type coach. I mean kick ass in the way that you have a gentle yet powerful way of helping me see the best in myself. Also, in the way that you have helped me design simple structures in my life that help me be more focused, more effective and – most importantly – more fulfilled. From that, I’ve been able to grow our company 60 percent over the past two years (and we’ve been in business for 11 years), and I’ve achieved some pretty cool goals ranging from getting our family trust in legal order, to learning how to walk on my hands. I am grateful for your insights, powerful questions, tips, ideas and most importantly, how well you hold up the mirror so I don’t fool myself for too long.”

Gratefully, Rich Fettke – Master Certified Coach – Owner, Real Wealth Network & Author of Extreme Success

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