How to get nothing done: open your email first thing

To do apps, timers, note-taking are all the rage (think Evernote), of course they always have been: for my mom it was a a quarter sheet of white paper (recycled) that lay on her desk with indecipherable lefty-hand-scratch. In the 1990’s I had a “Filofax” … remember those? Big fat 3 ring binder things that I kept my entire life in.

How the hell does this relate to your email?

Try not opening it first thing in the morning and you’ll get a lot more done. If you do this, and only this, then you’re ahead of the game. Do some planning first then open your email.

OK, so a very short crash course in how to get more done – but the question is: are we getting busywork done or  work that moves our life goals forward? That’s a HUGE distinction.

Here’s the second most important tip: set some goals, even if it’s just losing 3 pounds, now set 1 simple task towards that goal. Ta da! What you’re doing is NOT reacting to life but being pro-active. If we don’t decide where our life is going on a macro level then we’re going to keep going on a micro level (dishes, work, vacation, repeat).

If you simply use some sort of calendar and a to-do list of any kind but include on that the tasks that work towards your larger goals you’ll be one step ahead. Then you open your email and spend a specific amount of time responding to email – then you close your email and come back to it in a few hours. See what I’m getting at?

I’ll leave you with this: What’s one goal in your head that you want to get done? Have a better social life? Have more fun? Get paid more? Take a break of any kind? Now, what’s one simple thing towards that goal? Sign up for a Meet Up group, ask a co-worker or colleague about making more money, or go outside right this minute and take a short walk.

You’ve just been coached.

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