Hire this man.  Now.  Really.

Hire this man.  Now.  Really. Here’s my take on why: I couldn’t have asked for a better catalyst for positive change in my life than Kenji, and my engaging him has reaped countless benefits: in my attitude, productivity, and day to day habits.  The entire process has led to a markedly improved way of being, and of moving through life: in fundamentally life-changing ways I could barely have guessed would materialize when I started. I’ve moved, literally, from living in a studio apartment, to following my dream of traveling the world as a catalyst for change. 

Throughout, Kenji has been a fount of knowledge, and has demonstrated an uncanny knack of providing me with just the right tailored resources, and at just the right time.  And, though Kenji himself would say that it’s me that had to show up to do the work, he was a true partner and unerring guide, in the very essence of what needed doing, and when, to improve (and then cement) the very foundation that could then lead to my growth, and my continuing growth.

One of the things that Kenji introduced me to that has resonated most is that there are really only four rules to life: show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and don’t be attached to the outcome. – David W. 

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