Thanks Giving: Quick Goals & Free Coaching (nothing to buy)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMPAAAAJDE0MmNkYWI4LTE0MDctNDU1Ny05ZWMzLTczMzk1ZDg3YTM0YgSo this’ll take 5 minutes … OK so maybe 10 …

It’s almost 2018 and the two things that work so well in coaching, and life, are accountability and goals. I make my clients set them yearly and quarterly.

I never believed in goals. Then a set a few. Then I watched my clients FLY by on their magic goals worksheets. Then I watched mine come true. Here’s the thing about goals: if you don’t set them someone else will (for you), and they’ve got little interest in seeing you succeed.

Here’s my challenge to you: do this Goals Worksheet (that’s a link, click it, no surprises, I promise). Just try it. Don’t over think it. Don’t schedule it. JUST DO IT and let me know how it goes for you. I’m willing to respond if you send me your worksheet and if you really put some time in I’ll coach you for FREE. No strings, no pressure, just some Thanks Giving.

If you’re waiting for a sign … this is it.



P.s. email the worksheet (written, typed) to kenji AT coachkenji DOT com. Sorry but the bots make my life a little mad with spam.


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