We’re Always Where We Need to Be – even in the mud

Jaime said, “… my instincts will lead me where I need to go …” Now, that’s a ‘gut’ feeling that says it all. Our instincts will lead us further into whatever it is we need to know, even if it’s the mud.

I for one needed to trudge a long road of mud long enough to finally realized that mud is a drag, and a pain to slug through … and I’m not much for muddy shoes (unless it’s a warm day, then mud squished through my toes is a must – homework assignment for you!).

But think about it: we’re right where we need to be, even if it’s IN the mud. Better yet, when we learn to take paths that have less mud, and trust that we’re on the right road, no matter what it is, we learn to pay attention to ourselves, our world, and what’s really happening. Then we can, with awareness, do something about redirecting our course.

How will you plan your day, your week, your month and your year? What would it be like to ‘budget’ your year just like you might your finances? We ‘design’ our homes and our days … why not our lives?

Challenge: set some goals this year (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) … if you don’t someone else will (for you), and what they have in mind for you? Eh, not much.


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