Creating 2015 – free coaching and a free worksheet

Dear Fellow Travelers,

What if I …

  • told you that 15 minutes of your time would influence the next year of your life?
  • told you that it wouldn’t cost you anything?
  • offered to  coach you for free  once you’d completed the questions?


What’s the catch?

(there isn’t one).

In gratitude for the work that I love to do, in gratitude towards the commitment you bring to changing your life, and changing this world along with it, I’d like to offer you 20-30 minutes of free coaching.

Here’s the worksheet: 2015 Create Your Successful Year

All I ask is :

  1. email me your answers and request a free session
  2. by January 15th, 2015, and
  3. it’s yours.

Check out these powerful questions – don’t be fooled by their simplicity – that were passed down to me by the accredited coaching school I was trained by (the Coaches Training Institute) and modified by me, having been informed by a dozen or more exceptional coaches that I’ve been lucky to work with, be coached by, and train with.


Ready to start your new year off with a bang?!

On your mark, get set … Go!!!


– Kenji


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