Challenged me to look inward for answers.

“Kenji’s fully present and intensely authentic support challenged me to look inward for answers that I didn’t know we’re already there; his coaching and homework assignments (reading, observing) have brought more power and efficacy to the work I do with my clients because I’m finally able to be present with me and not have my […]

ADD Coaching. It worked.

“I’ve only been working with Kenji for a short time, but the differences I am seeing in my life are nothing short of amazing. I have ADD, and it has contributed to a lot of screwing up in my life. I’m 49 years old and have never understood the impact of ADD on my life. […]

Find focus.

“His precise, powerful articulations have made me find focus and better understand and live with my challenges at a much deeper level.” ~ Karen, 32, Consultant and Coach,  Los Angeles, CA

Kenji coached me to be present.

“Kenji coached me to just be present with my ADD … now I’m organized, not chronically stressed, getting help with my medications, hired a personal organizer, and am exercising and feeling ‘normal’ for the first time IN MY LIFE.” ~ Terry, 40, industrial designer, San Francisco, CA

In my daily life with a confidence.

“I always felt awkward and socially isolated at work. We did a visualization that helped me become more upfront … now my co-workers tell me I don’t seem like the snob they thought I was! I’m able to be in my daily life with a confidence that Kenji guided me towards.” ~ Joe, 42, CPA, […]

Kenji brings out the best in me.

“Kenji brings out the best in me. I look back on my notes from our coaching sessions and can’t believe the miles we’ve covered and the progress we’ve made. I have ADD. It used to be a big deal. Kenji has helped me re-frame how ADD manifests itself in me and work to fly past […]