Remember how excited you used to be over a 3-ring binder?

… or maybe you didn’t go to conventional lower-middle-high school (oh, forget High School, I “…went to Parking Lot” instead). I used to be so excited about the beginning of school: all of those cool office supplies (ok, so I’m a geek), with a zippered plastic pencil pouch, a schedule, and a section for each […]

Tailgaters: late for your funeral?

I’ve had this East Coast sarcastic idea for a few years: create an store called Sarcastically Spiritual. We’d sell coffee mugs, t-shirts, and bumper stickers. Mostly my big ideas come from being in traffic. Bumper Sticker #1 – “Tailgating: late for your funeral?” Bumper Sticker #2 – “What’s your hurry? Life ends in a ditch.” […]

Speaking of firing … fire god.

Well not just any god. Fire the one from childhood. You know the one: whose like Santa Claus, keeping a (vengeful) list of whose “naughty or nice.” Personally, I’ll take the naughty bus any day; guaranteed to be a lot more of an interesting bunch. No, seriously. What if you fired the vengeful, wrathful god […]

If I’m Your Coach: fire me.

I was talking with a client this morning whose not finding the results he wanted in coaching. He knows, as I do, that there’s no quick fix to this (he’s a coach too). There’s no fancy instant answer, only being curious, trying new things, and making the best of it. So I challenged him: fire […]

Creating 2015 – free coaching and a free worksheet

Dear Fellow Travelers, What if I … told you that 15 minutes of your time would influence the next year of your life? told you that it wouldn’t cost you anything? offered to  coach you for free  once you’d completed the questions? Yikes! What’s the catch? (there isn’t one). In gratitude for the work that […]

2-Minute-Tip: Out of Project Overwhelm or How To Eat A Cow

Be Honest or Get Your Ass Handed To You

In New England, where I grew up, if it was 30 degrees below zero, or 90 degrees with 90% humidity you adapted. Did you try to drive faster over ice and snow? Bad idea. If it was sweltering hot did you run around town trying to get 50 errands done? Um, nope, you went to […]

The NYT’s Finally Get’s It Right: ADD isn’t a “disorder” it’s the world we live in!

Finally an article about ADHD that the NYT published that is worth reading: Gee it’s not a “deficit” or a “disorder” we’re living in an age where we expect everyone to fit into the same neat boxes … and guess what?! We don’t! Those of us with Creative Entrepreneurial Brain’s are easily bored by daily […]

2 Minute Coaching Tip: Make Quick Easy Decisions

Super simple quick decision making tip. Ever find yourself trying to decide between A or B? Not sure which one to make? Want to come to some conclusions before including others? (hint). Try this!  

2-minute tip: how to say no nicely (or how to create your destiny)

How to say no nicely. Actually this 2-minute coaching tip is about what you let INTO your life, because if we’re going to make choices about how we want to live, and where we “steer” our ship of life, we need to regulate what’s on our to-do list by not letting somethings in the door […]