Be Authentic. One little thing at a time.

tumblr_miz7lcxT7Q1rzgpj2o1_1280“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

– Oscar Wilde

“Too thin, too old, not this, not that, never been to Europe, never did this, never did that …” (the list goes on and on and on).

– my negative brain

Oscar Wilde (in the 1800’s) said what the new entrepreneurial market is re-teaching us: do what you do best and do your best to hire someone else to do the rest.

I once coached a very successful internet security expert. She’d been recently diagnosed with ADHD and was struggling to figure out how get all the things done that her brain did poorly. When she told me that she was “great at being interviewed,” but sucked at writing, I suggested she hire someone to interview her. Another client recently took to to get all of the little things done that we’re dogging him. Often my favorite coaching question is: “What works?”

My point is that, I notice, we often try to do everything the way we’re “supposed” to do it as opposed to the easiest way it get’s done. As my coach has said, “What’s the fastest way to the money?” (which he doesn’t mean literally).

Exploring who you are, uniquely, is what creates the niche you’re either in or need to be in.


Yes, I said need.

The world needs your unique perspective, and the market will reward you for it. How do I know? I’m just me and my clients create amazing success.

When I first got started in coaching I worried that my copious cursing and ADHD personality would get in the way of being a great coach. Now I coach other entrepreneurial types with ADHD and I love what I do.

And you?

  • What scares you about hiring a virtual assistant to do some of the mundane crap?
  • What mini-steps do you need to take that will help take that next step towards doing less yuck and more yum?
  • Who do you need to reach out to and ask (friend, family, colleague) for some help?

Go forth and do one new little thing! Please!

– Coach Kenji


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