Be The Question – diapers, Koan’s, and you.

My brain loves to-CLOTH-DIAPER-facebooko worry. If you took worry away from me I might implode.

I say “my brain” because my narcissistic childish mind loves to pontificate on how much shit I live through. Which tells you I don’t live through a lot of shit.

The Meditator Me? I’d love to stop worrying (it’s actually a practice, like Gratitude, and it’s possible, it just takes practice; medication, sitting, and being coached – my personal cocktail).

OK, so I do have my fair amount of shit: death, love, life, disability … “The Whole Catastrophe” in the words of Zorba The Greek reiterated by Jon Kabat-Zinn (look his work up, if you want to change you life). But … let’s be serious: I do this with a very nice roof over my head, a fully belly, and silly amounts of health care.

Buddhism, in the form of Koan’s, teaches us to “Be the question.” Pema Chodron tells us that if we feel like a pile of shit then what’s the texture? What’s the smell or color? Child Mind is about being here and now.

Being the question, for me in this moment, is about Not Knowing. From the place of Not Knowing we’re “teachable” (In Paul P’s words: “I’m a recovering know it all.”).

Being the question is about not knowing the answer and letting that be. Try a Koan question: “How high is No?”

Wow! Imagine life from a teachable perspective???

That person cutting you off in traffic? What if you’re teachable? (compassionate). What if you’re available to this moment? Instead of worrying, thinking you’re in charge, or reacting from a crapping your diaper perspective?

(there’s nothing wrong with crapping in a diaper and I wonder: are you an infant whose emotionally at the whim of life or senile? If you’re just incontinent, and have accepted it, then freakin’ AWESOME, well maybe not awesome but you get my drift).

What’s the question that you need to let go of finding the answer to today?

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