Be The Question (be effective) – diapers, Koan’s, ADHD, Your Mind.

My mind loves to worry. If you took worry away from me I might implode. My ADHD Brain ideally needs quiet and calm, but it naturally creates havoc. I say “my brain” because this child-ish self-centered part of This Mind loves to pontificate on how much crap it thinks it lives through. Which tells you I don’t […]

ADHD and Losing EVERYTHING: get a purse.

After losing my wallet twice in two months and doing the Jesus-H-Christ-Where-The-Hell-Are-My-Keys search the house routine one morning (which is a rarity for me) I decided to go back to carrying a small bag. Years ago that meant going to the Mission and buying a cheap mini camera bag, but this many years later going to […]

Thanks Giving: Quick Goals & Free Coaching (nothing to buy)

So this’ll take 5 minutes … OK so maybe 10 … It’s almost 2018 and the two things that work so well in coaching, and life, are accountability and goals. I make my clients set them yearly and quarterly. I never believed in goals. Then a set a few. Then I watched my clients FLY […]

Be Here Now (even though your brain is so damn noisy)

From “WORD FOR THE DAY”   “There are many fine things which you mean to do some day, under what you think will be more favorable circumstances. But the only time that is yours is the present.”   – Grenville Kleiser   Someone that Anne Lamott quotes, a Jesuit Priest I used to know, […]

The 7 Factors Of Success vs. The Hamster-Wheel-of-Not-Enough

Have you ever felt like you were stuck on the Hamster-Wheel-of-Not-Enough? At the end of the day are you ever uncertain if you’re “successful” … and might feel utterly shitty because you’re inbox literally and figurative  is still full? One day this landed in my lap like a cinder block falling out of the sky and I didn’t  know […]

Try the “Not To Do List”

This is my “Not To Do List.” What a concept, eh? In my city-life-coaching-world of productivity I like to joke that I’m and “underachiever.” Meaning that being someone who meditates, takes walks, and listens to audio books that are not about self-improvement I’ve come up with my “Not To Do List.” The double meaning is […]

Be Authentic. One little thing at a time.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde “Too thin, too old, not this, not that, never been to Europe, never did this, never did that …” (the list goes on and on and on). – my negative brain Oscar Wilde (in the 1800’s) said what the new entrepreneurial market is re-teaching us: do […]

Kenji is a fantastic coach.

“Kenji is a fantastic coach.  He has much skill and knowledge regarding ADHD, and the state-of-the-art perspectives on related issues.  Kenji has the highest regard for his clients, has a hugely positive and supportive approach.  Flexible, negotiable, compassionate, and passionate about his work.  He has helped me make lots of great positive changes in some […]

Hire this man.  Now.  Really.

Hire this man.  Now.  Really. Here’s my take on why: I couldn’t have asked for a better catalyst for positive change in my life than Kenji, and my engaging him has reaped countless benefits: in my attitude, productivity, and day to day habits.  The entire process has led to a markedly improved way of being, […]