Yelp Testimonials!

Yelp has many of these testimonials (23 in total) and one’s I’ve been too lazy 😉 to re-post here. If you scroll down in Yelp there are the “recommended” reviews and “11 other reviews that are currently not recommended” as their algorithm thinks they’re fake. You be the judge! Thank you! – Kenji

Hire this man.  Now.  Really.

Hire this man.  Now.  Really. Here’s my take on why: I couldn’t have asked for a better catalyst for positive change in my life than Kenji, and my engaging him has reaped countless benefits: in my attitude, productivity, and day to day habits.  The entire process has led to a markedly improved way of being, […]

To Get Something You Never Had … God? (YIKES!)

This particular writing evolved out of an email a friend sent to me … please take what you like and leave the rest. Or, in the words of Anne Lamott, since the word ‘god’ “can make many progressive people run screaming for their cute little lives” try replacing it with the word ‘love’). To get […]

Gratitude, abundance, altars, and coaching …

For myself I was raised without the “fear of god” put into me, and thus came into spirituality (vs. religion) with ease. What an odd saying, “putting the fear of god,” why would anyone want to fear god? Not having been raised with religion it was fairly easy to begin attending a liberal church right […]

Our Distracted Mind: bring some calm into your day.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). And I coach others who feel chronically disorganized and overwhelmed. It’s a misnomer that we have a deficit of attention … it’s like saying with 500 channels, an iPhone, an iPad, and 100 RSS feeds we have a deficit of information input. It’s also a myth that everyone with […]

Kenji is a fantastic coach.

“Kenji is a fantastic coach.  He has much skill and knowledge regarding ADHD, and the state-of-the-art perspectives on related issues.  Kenji has the highest regard for his clients, has a hugely positive and supportive approach.  Flexible, negotiable, compassionate, and passionate about his work.  He has helped me make lots of great positive changes in some […]

Success: “Are you happy?”

So much of our culture defines ‘success’ as how much we have: cars, a home, and especially work. While being financially successful gives us comfort and security, the question is, at the end of the day, at the end of the decade, or at the end of our lives can we look back and smile? […]

Cliff Diving – the sport of my inner critic

In being coached by my friend Karen she walked me through launching yet another magnificent change in life that includes a financial leap … like any leap I’m feeling fear. The fear of falling flat on my face, or in this case the fear of being hurtled down a cliff and splattered to my gory […]

Don’t give up!  Call Kenji.

“I honestly don’t really understand how Kenji does what he does but he’s very, very good at it.  I have been so much more productive and happier at work and the rest of my life since working with him.  He has a lot of great suggestions for ways to be more organized, starting with what’s […]

To My Old Email Address: grow up … and yes I love you …

I first discovered email in 1996 on an orange iMac with (cringe) AOHELL (as a computer geek admitting one actually paid AOL is the digital version of black socks with high water polyester slacks). Claiming the screen name ‘boykenji’ in 1996 I committed the sin of “wont grow up” (I was 34); no longer a […]