ADHD and Losing EVERYTHING: get a purse.

After losing my wallet twice in two months and doing the Jesus-H-Christ-Where-The-Hell-Are-My-Keys search the house routine one morning (which is a rarity for me) I decided to go back to carrying a small bag.

Years ago that meant going to the Mission and buying a cheap mini camera bag, but this many years later going to Amazon and searching ‘small iphone bag’ I found 188 pages of bags. 

I purchased a cute little canvas one and it’s either hung by the back door, or on my left hip, when I leave the house. People like to tell me it’s my “man purse,” but given my lack of gender concern I just call it a purse.

I always know where my keys, wallet, meds, glasses, cell phone, pens, and to do list are.

And here’s the thing about ADHD: being a coach who works with others with ADHD this is an analogy for how we keep our ENTIRE LIVES TOGETHER: systematic externalization.


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