ADHD Coach or Life Coach?

I love to coach Creative Types: we’re professionals and entrepreneurs who think out of the box, are busy and successful, multiply talented, usually quite active, and wizards at work … and we want more Yum & less Yuck.

Many of my clients combine issues related to their business and lives into every session; they use coaching to further the projects & habits that are moving them towards more balance and success. Some of them identify as “having” ADHD, some don’t, but all of them want more out of life and are ready to be accountable to take the steps necessary to think and act differently.

So why ADHD?

It’s where I got my start in coaching, except, I was being coached. In 2005 I had come to the understanding that I was the Entrepreneurial Type, and I realized that labeling myself “ADHD” was alright with me. I’d been a site manager for a successful start up, a non-profit merger consultant, a community organizer, and was running my own mini-IT consulting (out of my bedroom!).

In my frustration my intuition took me to find a coach who specialized in ADHD. Unbeknownst to me I was coaching with the partner of Kate Kelly, who co-wrote “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid?”

Within the next 2 years I’d been coached, studied coaching with Kate, changed my own behaviors, and took up coaching others. I spent another 2 years being coached, and a year (in 2011) studying at the Coaches Training Institute. I can confidently tell you that I love being The Creative Entrepreneurial Type and that my life and businesses are organized and grounded.

Are you an ADHD Coach or a Life Coach?

I’m both. I call what I do “Life and Business Coaching Through the Lens of ADHD.”

The coaching I do is specific to creating new simple habits that keep you from chasing your own tail, being chronically late, and chronically disorganized. It’s a combination of daily actions check in’s and using tools, tips, and tricks to create “externalized scaffolding.”

I have coached many professionals with ADHD and learned that it takes a longer commitment than “regular” Life or Business coaching (minimum a year) to see the significant changes we want. It’s possible (I’ve done it) and I will ask you to understand that changing these habits requires commitment; not because I need to keep you as a client, but because in order to create effective change it requires us to stay in coaching once the shiny penny aspect has worn off.

What did you do to “treat” your ADHD?

First I highly recommend this video, as it’s about how to structure life and about how we don’t “do what we know” and how to “create scaffolding.” I use a small purse, have everything in regular places, don’t let my phone bug me for every little thing, only go to email twice a day, and I’ve built a life around my ADHD, not the opposite. I use structure, lists, reminders, and sometimes “body doubles.”

I highly recommend supplements. Myself, I’ve taken L-Theanine and Balance D and found good help from them. Here’s a great blog post to check out; it not only goes over the supplements but has some warnings about how taking the meds, long term, may not be the best for your health. They recommend caffeine too, which I always suggest to my clients!

Why should I trust you? How do I get to know you?

I offer an opportunity for you to receive 20 minutes of my best coaching (even if I have a waiting list). No pressure, no sales, just help. Please contact me by setting up a free call, (or emailing me) and bring your biggest problem I will bring my best coaching!