ADD ADHD as a Blessing

“How can a loving creator see so much suffering, and not do  something to help them? And God said, I did do something. I made you.”  – Sufi Teaching

I have to say that my once life of whining (pity parties), which I still have but they’re more like Pity Coffee Breaks, has turned into a life of service.

It’s cliche but finding purpose and being of service to others with Attention Deficit “Disorder” (grrr I dislike that word), now officially known as ADHD, is really a joy. I help others come from shame, overwhelm, and thinking that ADD is something that has to RUN THEIR LIFE to finding that with the right combination of coaching, self direction, and sometimes suppliments and/or medication one can live a life where they run it, not vice versa.

Blessings is all I can say.

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