Be Honest or Get Your Ass Handed To You

adapt-vs-fail-words-toggle-switch-success-life-career-change-37831083In New England, where I grew up, if it was 30 degrees below zero, or 90 degrees with 90% humidity you adapted.

Did you try to drive faster over ice and snow? Bad idea.

If it was sweltering hot did you run around town trying to get 50 errands done? Um, nope, you went to the movies (or when I was young and broke the supermarket: they had air conditioning!).

  • What’s going on in your work or life that’s too much?
  • Where do you need to adapt?
  • What would it be like to, instead of being annoyed by your situation, to adapt to it?

These changes, which we do in coaching constantly, are called Perspective Shifts.

Maybe that project isn’t going to get done the way you expect it to. Maybe your expectations about what the final result can be modified? What if you created curiosity?

What would it be like to sit down with the key players and renegotiate the timeline? I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve encouraged to be brutally honest (when it’s not a toxic work environment) who come back and tell me they found their co-workers to be highly receptive of honesty.

You didn’t hear me say lower your expectations (although I love doing that). It’s about getting stuck in the “it’s going to be this way perspective.”

For example:

A client was starting up a small business had the expectation that they should show up with the client all Perfect, Smart, and Together. Now, don’t get me wrong, this person is over qualified to run their small business; what I pointed out was: What if they showed up with the client as Confident, Respectable, Professional, and CURIOUS?

Would you rather hire someone who knew everything, or knew that you were their client and was curious about your needs? I’d pick the latter. Once my client got this Perspective Shift they felt the weight of the world lift off their shoulders.

What perspectives in your life need shifting?

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