A renewed sense of confidence.

“What was it you got out of coaching? “A greater perspective. Learning that I have the ability to guide myself.  Along with this came a renewed sense of confidence in myself, that I already know the answers to my own questions.”

What were the tangible results? “I find that I’m now able to ask helpful “Kenji-type” questions so that I move beyond racing thoughts and worries to a place that’s more productive. I’ve been able to guide myself more steadily through situations that would have been difficult for me to deal with in the past.”

What is it that I do? “Kenji listens with rigor and heart. He is able to listen to the words I share, but he also listens to the other messages that are embedded in the words. Because he listens in this deep way, he’s then able to ask questions that get us to the root of our concerns rather than focusing on the superficial level of our worries.” ~ Henry F. 

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