My 7-day 7-factor Recipe for Success (vs. Not Enough)

There’s something they teach in my coaching school: it’s called “fulfillment.” It’s the basic premise that we rise to our challenges. The more someone believes in us, the higher the bar, we can (most often) rise to the challenge. It’s something we bring to coaching: the belief that our clients can achieve their goals, that they’re worthy of them, and we can “hold a space” for them until they can. It’s awesome and I love doing it.

That is, unless, I’m using the Measuring Stick of Not Enough, on myself. You know the one? That little voice installed in your head by the Marketing Industry, and If It Bleeds It Leeds ‘news’ programs? The stick that’s something like the hard wooden ruler Catholic Nuns used to use to motivate their students?

So, here’s my gripe: I figured out that I was the one with the carrot tied in front of my head, chasing the fake rabbit at the dog race track: the one that can never be caught.

That’s when I sat down and thought about my life, what makes me happy? If a bus has my number today, what will I have been doing, that when I check out of this massive 4 Star Hotel Called Middle Class American Life (which I love, by the way) will make me feel like I’ve been successful?

Then it (duh) struck me: I needed to define “success” for myself.

First, I took the four areas of life author Richard Bolles outlines in his world famous book What Color Is Your Parachute. He suggests to discover your ideal work  you need to reflect on 4 areas of your life: Labor, Learning, Love, and Leisure; then I added the most important factor in my life, the practice of abundance; and finally threw in that little Humanist Movement thing about body, mind, and spirit.

So, here’s my 7-day, 7-factor recipe for how I choose my life to be successful. Take what you like, as the saying goes, and leave the rest. Blessings.


  • Did I do a good turn today?
  • Are my services offered on a sliding scale?
  • Did I practice Gratitude?
  • Did I practice positive thinking?
  • Am I in the moment?
  • Was I kind or friendly to a stranger today?


  • Did I exercise and eat right?
  • Did I get enough sleep?
  • Do I need a nap? (Yes!)
  • Did I stretch, take supplements, and treat my body well?


  • Did I intentionally learn something new?
  • Am I feeding my mind with good ‘food,’ like classical music?
  • Am I on a diet of limiting The News About Who Died today?
  • Am I in the awareness that my thoughts aren’t reality? Just one version of it.


  • Did I make conscious contact with (the god of my understanding)?
  • Did I meditate?
  • Did I connect with nature?


  • Did I connect with someone I love?
  • Was I aware of their needs?
  • Was I able to both claim space and create it?
  • Was I good to me today?


  • Did I work?
  • Did I work towards my business goals?
  • Did I keep up with home chores, so that my living space is tidy?


  • Did I relax?
  • Did I play, or read (something indulgent)?
  • Do I have time off planned?
  • Am I living a balanced life of work and play?




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