6 Steps To Get Out Of Office Overwhelm

CB007273This is The Coach Kenji 6-step simple process to get you out of Overwhelm.

Step 1. Step Away and Step Down – Turn off email and your phone. Go for a short walk. Clear your head and take a break.

Step 2. Take everything on your desk that’s not organized and make 3 piles: Now, Later, and 911.

  • Now is due this week.
  • Later is due after this week.
  • And 911 is on fire.

Clear your desk of anything that isn’t needed to do work; ideally clear everything of your visual field. The idea is to clear your head – and clear your desk.

Step 3. Get a sheet of paper, ideally a lined pad. Take the a pad and make 3 lists – you can guess what they are: Now, Later, and 911. Look at your calendar, only for today, and write down the urgent items in the 911 column. Go over any lists & projects & anything and everything in your head and write those items into these 3 lists. This is what David Allen, in Getting Things Done, calls the “Brain Dump.”

Step 4. Now open up your email and do the same but only flag, or make note of the 911 emails.

Step 5.  Go through your 911 pile, and your 911 list, and choose any 3 items – total – just ones that you can get done in less than a day  (if you can’t get an item done in one day – it’s not an item it’s a project, and needs to be broken down into smaller steps that can be called items).

Step 6. Do those 3 items. Once they’re done cross them off your list. Pick 3 more 911 items and repeat.

This process helps you chip away at your workload in a manner that moves you forward, keeps you focused, and gives you a sense of the lay of the land. Keep you head on and keep going. Now that you know where you are you can make selective choices about what to chip away at. Stay Calm and Organize your Overwhelm.

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