Success: “Are you happy?”

So much of our culture defines ‘success’ as how much we have: cars, a home, and especially work. While being financially successful gives us comfort and security, the question is, at the end of the day, at the end of the decade, or at the end of our lives can we look back and smile?

‘What do you do?’ is almost always the first question we’re asked or we ask. What if we we’re asked ‘Are you happy?’ … What if we asked that … to everyone? To our new  client they might look at us askance and take their business elsewhere, but isn’t that ultimately what we’re providing? Happiness that’s in the form of a successful product that furthers their lives or businesses?

What if you thought ‘Are you happy?’ to yourself, in relation to your clients, and around your loved ones? What can you give others today that will feel “successful”? How about a 5 minute walk in the middle of the afternoon to clear your mind? A simple thank you to a business associate, or a call to someone you love?

Balance and success in life can be very simple. What if you left a few minutes extra on that next daytime drive and parked your car three blocks from home or work … and strolled there? What if you called your spouse and ordered take out? My guess is that like me, bringing the ‘simple things’ into your life are something you could stand more of.

What would be on your list of appreciations for the day? What are you able to smile about today? Who needs to receive a support call from you today?

I don’t know you … but I know you deserve happiness.

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