Mr. Impatient.

Mr. Impatient, the part of me that believes in the Zero Sum Game of Abundance, thinks the that world works like this: I give to you, you give back (or else), I hold the door for you, you say “Thank you.” Then If I seemingly get nothing in return I’ve lost out. There’s never enough time, love, or money, and with him as CEO of my day, there’s only one thing to do: grab all that I can. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Mr. Impatient shows up in the oddest places: driving my car, for instance, merging with traffic or letting others into traffic. Why is it that 20 feet of pavement should make a difference in how fast I’m going to get “there”? Wherever “there” is. Which is clearly not here or now. When I give to others from an expansive place, without expectations, I expand too, my world becomes larger, time slows down, and when I let go of the outcome really neat things happen.

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