Woke up!

I once nonchalantly asked an older neighbor, “How’s your morning?” and without missing a beat he shot back “Woke up!”

About 10 steps later it sunk in; he was saying: I’m still here, that’s a blessing, and my life is a miracle.

Last night,with my take out dinner in hand, I leisurely walked down Castro Street practicing a Buddhist teaching that says: “This block is your last block, this day is your last day.” And I applied appreciation to everything that came past me: the drooling beggar who sticks his cup in my face, the loud cell phone conversation that I don’t want to hear, that hot guy arm and arm with his boyfriend, the sensation of my feet and legs moving, the trees, the sky, the flowers, the sun on my face … and I thought “… boy am I going to miss this …” With each step I felt like I was glowing, like god turned the dial to 11, like when you literally stop to smell the roses … an overwhelming sense that right here, right now, everything is perfect.

What would it be like to live everyday as if it were your last? What would you appreciate that you don’t? Who and what would you stop taking for granted? It might be 50 minutes or 50 years, we’ll never know. Drink in the beauty, it’s all around you.

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