What If I let go of my security blanket?

Recently my Coach (yes coaches need coaches) pegged me on a ’story’ that I was clutching to, like the little blue security blanket I had as a child, all tattered and worn out (with a satin edge, quite frayed from being chewed on).

What is this story doing for me? What’s the purpose?

Think about it, as adults we tell ourselves stories, “I’m not competent at my job …” or “That amazing person would never be interested in me because …”  Zzzzzzz. Sorry, I fell asleep …

Our Inner Critic has a purpose: to keep us safe (at least mine does and he’s a massive scaredy cat) and unfortunately small.

It’s also the easy way out because we all suffer from limiting beliefs. So? What if? What if we dreamed to be magnificent? What if we dared to shine brilliantly? What if the bedtime stories we told ourselves were about success and love?

What if?


There are two tactics (more, but let’s keep to two today) to move past a blockages (besides hypnotherapy, therapy, coaching, and someone yelling at you): gently find a way to edge up to the change (just start writing that report you loathe by setting a 5 minute timer) or Just Get It Done (by getting a buddy/co-worker to support you)




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