The Promises – building a future

At the end of the 12-step meetings I attended back in Boston a volunteer would read aloud “The Promises” from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

My friend Paul would, without fail, emphasize the word “always” near end of the reading.

“Always” hasn’t been a word that I’ve trusted: maybe, possibly, might – those were more my speed.

“Maybe” is easier, it takes less responsibility. “Possibly” indicates hesitancy. But “might” can also be “great and impressive power.”

The Promises are just that: they speak of freedom, happiness, a connection to The Divine, and an attitude shift.

Back at those meetings I’d greedily grab the Promises script because I loved reading those words aloud. I don’t think I actually believed in them back then, but I did believe in my perseverance.

And you know what? It paid off. They’re coming true. And it still blows my mind.

What will you promise yourself today?

What action step will you take towards a new future?

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