Successful Woman Changing Careers?

Who knew, living in San Francisco, I’d be coaching women in their 50’s and 60’s living in Wisconsin and Georgia? And San Francisco? Our culture may define ‘success’ as money in the bank but for these four women it seems to be: partners, some with children, friendship, fun and addressing the stumbling bumps in their career change. A coaching niche that has found me, with excellent life lessons … and a blast!

I’m partnering my coaching with four women, who:

  • Need organizational assistance (time management, task management, task overwhelm, organizing stuff, people, and their day),
  • Want to address focus-of-attention/sustaining interest (possible ADD) as an issue,
  • Are in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and
  • Are in the process of growing an entrepreneurial enterprise, or moving into a new career.

This collaboration has been one of growth, for them, that utilizes my best coaching skills and helps them shine! Our coaching includes the usual: goals, dreams, challenges, homework, accountability, and my not holding back if they’re shirking, but also with some we’ve added the dimension of discussing their religion or spirituality, and how that affects how they see what they’re doing. What’s curious is that their subjects: new workplace, overwhelm, needing support and encouragement, all parallel my growth process with this business. I say “successful women” because all of my clients have been in successful careers, or a family, or both; and all are changing their ingrained habits of distractibility, disorganization, and defeat.

One client tells me that I mostly, “… enhance, support, (and help her) stretch out of comfort zones.” Which is “something essential in growing a business.” And another’s husband said that, “Every moment and dime Kenji has spent coaching my partner was worth it – Kenji’s helped her change our lives!”

What I find in coaching is pure joy: they’re ready to change, they can take it when I call them to the mat (I did wonder once, and this flew out of my mouth, if a client was being ‘chickenshit’ but before I knew it they’d been busted and they loved that I clocked them. Oops).

We bond together on their mission to change, sometimes slugging through it, but always with forward movement and immense personal growth that translates into work success; They are feeling more confident that their enterprise is a new ‘baby’ that they’ll succeed at, and that it’s 100% up to them to either face the  challenges or passively let them skip down the same broken record – so far I have a 100% success rate: not a one hasn’t moved ahead, still loving what they’re doing, and making these career changes that change their entire lives.

Boy do I love what I do! Yippeeee!

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