Mortality and Incontinence.

Mortality is up there, in terms of conversation stoppers, with incontinence. I suspect that the intricacies of a spastic colon would be more readily welcomed during Water Cooler Chat over Death.

I’m certainly reluctant to talk about mortality because it’s the Big Bad Wolf in popular culture. Avoiding it is strange, don’t you think? Since it’s one Theme Park Ride we’re all going to experience ……… eventually.

On my path Buddhism the writings have been quite vocal about the practice of embracing death. But it’s not death I end up embracing, it’s life.

Try it.

Suggestion: try the Buddhist practice of “What if this were my last day?” If you can keep that thought, right in the forefront of your mind for one day, I guarantee you it will change you life. It changed mine.

My one strange and wonderful life.

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