Drunk Angels.

My friends and I decided to ‘walk’ into the crowd at Pride last year. Something akin to jumping into Niagara Falls and hoping to tread water. Good move. It was one of those ‘hell body crush’ crowds and I was on my disabled scooter unable to move – it was one of those ‘trampled to death’ crowds, no really.

The Back Street Boys had just taken the stage. No, really! I think that would have been hilariously ironic: “disabled man trampled to death in crush to see former washed up boy band” … I know I’d be laughing

All of a sudden this 20-something slightly drunk young woman and her posse decided that since there wasn’t a chance in hell I was going to move anywhere, and somehow KNEW that internally I was freaking out, that they’d guide me.

Guide is a nice word.

Screamed at people is more like it. “Get the F**K out of the way!!” and “Excuse ME!!? Could you MOVE!!?” and “Pick up your legs!” and “Hey GET OUT OF THE WAY would you?!” – for about 15 minutes …

At the very end the lead instigator shouted ‘photo’ and they all posed around me for a Facebook shot, and then vanished into the crowds from whence they came.

We are blessed … we just never know by whom ….

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